5 Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding DJ

You’ve set the date, spent ages choosing your venue and now it is time to select one of your key suppliers; YOUR DJ!

This is not a decision to be rushed as we have all been at events where a bad DJ is unfortunately what makes the occasion one to forget!

To avoid this on your wedding Day you need to put as much effort into researching your entertainment as you did with your venue and outfits so here are my top 5 tips:  

‘A truly great DJ, just for a moment can make a whole room fall in Love’

‘A truly great DJ, just for a moment can make a whole room fall in Love’


Professional DJ’s will have the knowledge and skill to keep your dancefloor filled and understand event timings and the logistics of your venue. If you also have a band for example, they will be able to work around them and provide a seamless transition between sets.

Professionals will also have the best equipment as they invest time and money in ensuring it is reliable and produces the best sound quality and effects.

 I always ensure I check my equipment before every gig and always have back ups should the unthinkable happen and something fail on the day.

Additionally, a professional DJ will always provide a contract and their booking terms and conditions.


What is your budget? And what are your expectations for that? A professional DJ will be able to tell you straightaway if your expectations are realistic and suggest a tailored package to suit you and fit in with you budget.

Cheap deals can often be an indication of cheap equipment and a hobbyist who is DJ-ing as a side line which may well be good enough for and 18th in a social club but when it come to  wedding always question experience and ask how many weddings they have done in the past.

Professional DJ’s can often supply bespoke lighting and other specials effects like indoor fireworks, light up dance floors, confetti canons and more!


Once I have established that I am free on a requested date I insist on meeting the couple to find out what they are looking for. A meeting is your opportunity to establish trust and to see how well you get on.


Anyone these days can have a great website so make sure you do your research. Dig a little deeper and have a look at authentic Facebook and Google reviews. Ask if you can go and attend a gig where your DJ is playing or see if you can meet them at a wedding fayre to se their set up.

If they say they have won awards or are members of associations, research those awards and organisations.


Whilst good DJ’s get booked up early take your time to make your decision and to consider all the above. If you like a particular style, find the right fit for you and most of all have fun with your wedding planning.

Don’t be forced into accepting a DJ from your venues recommended supplier list if you have not seen or spoken to them.

Good luck with your wedding planning and you can contact me via www.djchrisg.co.uk anytime or call me on 07411 636 675 if you have any further questions.